Here I am! I stand at the door and knock.
If anyone hears my voice and opens the door,
I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.

Revelation 3:20


Troy Anderson Reveals The Backstory Behind The Babylon Code

The Book of Revelation Meets The Babylon Code At The Louvre

The Babylon Code Goes to Top of Europe – Troy Anderson

"You are the Baruch's (the biblical prophet Jeremiah's scribe). You are the ones who are taking prophetic words, committing them to paper, to media, and disseminating them throughout the nation and the world. You are the Baruch's of this age -- particularly here at Charisma -- because you have an openness to the prophetic word."

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn -- The New York Times bestselling author of The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah and a descendant of Aaron, the brother of the biblical prophet Moses -- in remarks at Charisma Media headquarters

Troy Anderson

Bestselling Author, Speaker, and
Former Charisma Executive Editor


Troy Anderson is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated investigative journalist, bestselling author, speaker, former executive editor of Charisma magazine and Charisma Media, and former Los Angeles Daily News reporter. 

He’s coauthor of the FaithWords/Hachette books, Trumpocalypse: The End-Times President, a Battle Against the Globalist Elite, and the Countdown to Armageddon, and The Babylon Code: Solving the Bible’s Greatest End Times Mystery. 

The result of a two-and-a-half year journalistic investigation, Trumpocalypse features over 50 interviews with world-renowned experts in geopolitics, military affairs, intelligence, economics, science and eschatology. The book explores the prophetic link between the enigmatic Trump presidency, the globalist elite's secret plans for humanity, and what world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham and his daughter Anne Graham Lotz describe as the world's "Nineveh Moment." 

The investigative book The Babylon Code by Anderson and Fox News and History Channel commentator and prophecy expert Paul McGuire is the result of a five-year journalistic investigation into whether the world is in the run-up to the end-times global government and cashless society predicted in the Bible. The book features interviews with more than 100 faith leaders and experts in politics, economics, science and theology, including Billy Graham who said signs of the end of the age are “converging now for the first time since Jesus made those predictions.”

Anderson spent two decades as a reporter, bureau chief, and editorial writer at the Los Angeles Daily News, The Press-Enterprise and other newspapers. He’s also written for Reuters, Newsmax, Christianity Today, National Wildlife, Human Events,, Outreach and other media outlets. His articles have appeared in the Chicago Tribune, The Huffington Post, San Francisco Chronicle and the San Jose Mercury-News too.

During his career, Anderson has won more than two dozen local, state and national writing awards, 2011 and 2012 Eddie Awards (Folio: magazine’s prestigious journalism awards), two 2015 Charlie Awards (Florida Magazine Association's top award), was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, and was featured as an investigative reporter in The McGraw-Hill Companies book, Careers for Puzzle-Solvers & Other Methodical Thinkers. He’s a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, the nation's premier organization of independent nonfiction writers who have met ASJA's exacting standards of professional achievement. He’s interviewed many prominent national figures, including Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, Anne Graham Lotz, Pastor Rick Warren, Dr. Tim LaHaye, Hal Lindsey, Pastor Greg Laurie, Joel Rosenberg, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, David Horowitz, Patrick Buchanan, Mark Hitchcock, Nick Vujicic, Lee Strobel, Kirk Cameron and Pat Boone.

Anderson is honored to be a descendant of famed Ode to Joy poet, playwright and philosopher Friedrich von Schiller. Schiller wrote many famous plays, including Don Carlos (an inspiration for George Lucas’ Star Wars), Mary Stuart (the story of the last days of Mary, Queen of Scots), The Maid of Orleans (the tale of Joan of Arc) and Wilhelm Tell (the inspiration for the theme song to The Lone Ranger). Schiller also wrote the poem Ode to Joy that Ludwig van Beethoven set to music in the Ninth Symphony, now the European Anthem. Schiller was recently named the greatest playwright in Europe after William Shakespeare.

At age 9, Anderson’s grandmother encouraged him to follow in Schiller’s footsteps. In 2009, Anderson learned that Schiller may have died under mysterious circumstances while writing a play that would have exposed the plans of a powerful 18th century secret society to abolish Christianity and overthrow the governments of Europe. This discovery propelled Anderson to pick up where Schiller left off more than 200 years ago and investigate whether powerful, behind-the-scenes forces are helping bring about the fulfillment of end-times predictions.

Biographical Highlights 

■ Two decades of experience as a reporter, editorial writer and editor at the Los Angeles Daily News, The Press-Enterprise and other newspapers;

■ B.S., University of Oregon, news-editorial journalism; more than two dozen writing awards, including first places for feature writing, best series and investigative reporting, and 2011 and 2012 Eddie Awards (Folio: magazine's prestigious journalism prizes);

■ Member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors and the Association of Ghostwriters;

■ Speaker at conferences, churches and other venues, including some with more than 2,000 audience members; Anderson spoke recently at Movieguide’s 23rd Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala and wrote a speech that the publisher of Charisma gave at a United Nations event about the persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

E-mail contact:

Cell phone: 949-887-1511

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 America's #1 Bestselling Prophecy Books 

The End-Times President, a Battle Against the Globalist Elite, and the Countdown to Armageddon
THE BABYLON CODE -Solving the Bible's Greatest End-Times Mystery

"I am so glad you are willing to deal with issues that clearly indicate we are rapidly approaching the end times. Somebody needs to have the courage to warn the Church, for such events herald ‘the end of the age.’ ”

~ Dr. Tim LaHaye, the New York Times best-selling co-author of the Left Behind series that sold more than 80 million copies

"Having read more than fifty books that expose the satanically inspired 'hidden hand' of the ... secularists who have tried consistently to build a one-world government which they control, this book in my judgment is by far the best. It reveals the truth about the ancient teachings, religions, legends, pagan doctrines and false religious myths that have plagued Christianity and the western world for centuries. THE BABYLON CODE is true to the prophetic scriptures, especially those that have to do with the end times; carefully researched and well written, it is an enjoyable read. I recommend it to anyone concerned about today’s worldwide chaos and the soon to come end of days that the Bible teaches us about.”

Dr. Tim LaHaye, the New York Times best-selling coauthor of the Left Behind series that sold more than 80 million copies  

“Would you listen to a Bible prophet if he wrote you today? Well, Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson are legitimately an ‘Isaiah and Jeremiah’ for today! They know God, they hear His voice and they read the signs all around us. We're absolute fools not to pay heed.”

Pat Boone, the legendary actor and singer who sold more than 45 million albums and starred in The Cross and the Switchblade

"Prophetic events are rapidly converging as we approach the wrap up of history. At the same time, God has revealed pieces of the end-time puzzle to many different people. The Babylon Code by Troy Anderson and Paul McGuire features amazing research from many experts that allows us to put the puzzle together. What the world sees as a mystery should not be hidden from God’s people!"

Sid Roth, host of It’s Supernatural!—one of the nation’s most popular Christian television shows— and author of Sooner Than You Think

“(The Babylon’s Code’s) insight and incisive style is a striking example of a worthy, passionate pursuit of the truths in God’s assisting others in pursuing the prophetic scriptures of His word.”

Dr. Jack Hayford, founding pastor of The Church on the Way, former president of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel and chancellor of The King’s University

“Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson have written a powerful and compelling book, The Babylon Code, which unravels the mystery code of ancient Babylon in the light of the prophetic scriptures. The authors reveal from the accounts of Babylon in Genesis and also in the Book of Revelation prophetic signs which shed light on current events today and point to the nearness of the Lord's return to Earth.”

Dr. Robert Jeffress, host of the nationally-syndicated radio and television program Pathway to Victory, author of Countdown to the Apocalypse and senior pastor at the 11,000-member First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas

“As I look at Israel and other world events taking place around us, it is clear we are in the Last Days. Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson have given us an excellent resource to understand the times in which we live. I highly recommend your read this book”

Jonathan Bernis, president and chief executive officer of Jewish Voice Ministries, International and host of Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis which airs throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia

“Authors Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson have done a masterful job in compiling and then synthesizing the work of more than 100 Bible prophecy scholars. Their assessment points to the conclusion that we are, indeed, approaching the time of Christ’s return. I especially appreciate their urgent call to all Christians to make good use of whatever time remains to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ, our Creator and Savior, our Living Hope, to people in every walk of life and every ethnic group around the world.”

Dr. Hugh Ross, an astrophysicist, best-selling author and president and founder of Reasons to Believe

"As you read this investigative book you will be excused in thinking that you are reading the headlines of today’s newspapers. Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson's summary of how the world began with a vision of globalization and will end with the same vision will encourage those who are anticipating the return of Christ. By the same token it is an invitation for those who are living only for this life to come and place their whole faith in Christ alone."

Dr. Michael Youssef, founding pastor of The Church of the Apostles, founder of Leading the Way ministry and the author of 25 books, including Jesus, Jihad and Peace: What Does Bible Prophecy Say About World Events Today?

“I wanted to let you know that I had a dream about your book. I saw the book cover really, really big. It was massively oversized. I take that to mean success in the marketplace. I am praying that God will use your book to awaken people to the times in which we live.”

Jennifer LeClaire, the news editor at Charisma Media and the author of numerous bestselling books, including The Next Great Move of God and The Making of a Prophet

"It could do The Harbinger kind of thing. We've been looking for something like this. It's a great book. There is nothing out there like it. It's thoroughly researched and has the best presentation of this subject that I've ever seen. We have a lot of hope that it will do extremely well."

Joey Paul, executive editor of the Hachette Book Group imprint, FaithWords, who over the decades has edited books by Billy Graham, Max Lucado, David Jeremiah, Pat Robertson, Dr. James Dobson, Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti

"I got to page 12 and I said, ‘Oh my gosh. This is the book that I have waited on my entire Christian life.... I read the whole book on the beach.... The only thought that came to my mind was that I had to sell everything I had and go up and down this beach and tell everybody that they had to receive Christ now because the time is short. It is right around the corner. I really believe every Christian has to read this book. They have to not just go about life anymore. They have to understand what is going on. They have to put the puzzle pieces together and that’s what this book does. It brings it all together. It’s up to date. It’s got all the references and things you can look up yourself to confirm it. Everything you’ve wanted in a book that would help you to understand what is going on is in this book. It connects all the dots. And so I’m just so proud and honored that our company is publishing this book. It’s going to change a lot of lives. I’m just really excited about it.... We should be incredibly excited that we are living through a biblical time. They reminded me today that a third of the Bible is about the end times. To be able to say we’re living through that is just amazing."

Gary Davidson, a vice president at FaithWords/Hachette Book Group

"I am so glad that Troy Anderson and Paul McGuire wrote this book. Without a doubt, there are shadowy organizations and very powerful forces working behind the scenes to influence the course of world events, and what Troy and Paul have to share is rather startling. Most Christian authors are afraid to touch this kind of subject matter, and that is very unfortunate. As believers, we need to be seekers of truth, and I applaud Troy and Paul for digging in where others fear to tread. I hope that all of my readers (along with countless others) will get this book. The truth is 'out there,' and after reading this book you will never quite look at our world the same way again."

Michael Snyder, publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog, a popular site with 1.5 million readers, and author of Get Prepared Now

“As we move more and more into globalism, this book is a great outline and a road map as to how that happened. It began with Nimrod and will end with Antichrist. Through it all, we’re to occupy until Jesus comes and that message comes through clearly in this book.”

Jan Markell, founder of Olive Tree Ministries and host of the nationally-syndicated radio program Understanding the Times heard on nearly 700 radio stations nationwide

"The book as it is is well-written and attention-keeping, and I was sincere when I said that for the readership you're targeting it will fly off the shelves."

A former top official in one of the world's largest intelligence agencies

“As Shakespeare’s Hamlet once famously said to Horatio, ‘There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.’ This is so true. But now, as the world hurtles toward cataclysmic end-times events, prescient clarity of cascading global affairs are desperately needed for all who will listen. Enter journalist Troy Anderson and prophecy expert Paul McGuire who carefully uncover a prophetic mystery that began at the Tower of Babel and will culminate with the Battle of Armageddon.”

Dr. Thomas R. Horn, a longtime television and radio personality, publisher and the bestselling author of Petrus Romanus. At the dawn of the Internet, Horn launched two news services where coverage of cutting-edge stories about religion, prophecy, discovery and the supernatural through in-depth investigative reports led to his network of writers being referenced and interviewed by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News, Time, the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, History Channel, Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!, The Jim Bakker Show and The 700 Club.

"If you are wondering what on earth is going on in our world today you must read (The Babylon Code). The research analyzed within is unparalleled and will give you the facts and insight you need to grasp a deeper understanding about the unbelievable changes taking place in the world today. The Babylon Code will provide you with the information and clarity essential to be a Christian of vision equipped to think and live in accordance with a biblical worldview against the backdrop of Agenda 21, Common Core, the Federal Reserve, corrupt government, and the influence of thousands of occult organizations all seeking to destroy the sovereignty of the United States in an attempt to set up a one world government police state while eliminating the freedoms our founding fathers gave us which made this country the most prosperous and blessed habitation on earth. This book will draw you to your own search of the scriptures and will develop the assurance in your heart that the Bible is the infallible inspired, inerrant Word of The Living God."

Dr. F. "Doc" Kenton Beshore, a Bible prophecy scholar, president of the World Bible Society and host of the Bible Institute of the Air radio program

“The writing is excellent, the research extraordinary, and the insight profound. I have published several prophecy books over the years, and this one is by far the most insightful and thoroughly researched book on biblical prophecy I’ve ever had the privilege of publishing.”

Joey Paul, an executive editor at the Hachette Book Group whose authors have included Billy Graham, Max Lucado, David Jeremiah, Pat Robertson, Dr. James Dobson and Frank Peretti, in remarks after reading The Babylon Code

"Your book is very well done, and I can't imagine the work that went into conducting that many interviews and assembling them all in a way that flows so well. I've been reading through it slowly to take it all in. I"m on page 200 now. I've read a few of the books that are cited, such as Jim Marrs' 'Rule by Secrecy' so it's familiar territory but also shedding further light."

Leo Hohmann, news editor

"The Lord wants you to know that you've hit the next level in your life ... and you're seeing how he is miraculously doing things.... God wants to show you that it's not going to be routine in your life. It's going to be supernatural in your life.... But it's only the beginning of what He wants to do with you.... You have a lot of gifts inside of you and He's going to start bringing them out like in revelation, insight -- you've got discernment. You've got that -- you just know something is coming... So now He's put you in a place that is literally a moving target and the reason he's doing that is because he wants to wake that up -- that you can spot things, you can see things, you can kind of interpret it...."

Hubie Synn, a New York accountant and itinerant minister. Known for his prophetic gifting, Synn has seen the miraculous take place in the lives of those he’s ministered to, including New York Times bestselling author of The Harbinger, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, and Super Bowl hero David Tyree. He's the author of The Tales of a Wandering Prophet. 

“It is no coincidence that Troy has been brought to Charisma for this time and season. I (God) have sent him here to accomplish my plans and purposes. He will bring forth my perfections. I have designed this. No one will interrupt my plan for this season. Be diligent, war and pray on behalf of your assignment, both of you, together you are going to accomplish many great works for my Kingdom. Troy, your intellect is going to turn into discernment, a watchman to give warnings. (I see you out in the field, in regions giving warnings to people with a microphone in your hand. The Lord after this vision took me to Ezekiel 3 and I was reading on the watchman and the Lord was giving me revelation that this would be Troy – warning the people and informing the people). God then specifically said to me, ‘His (Troy’s) reporting days are not over’ and then He told me you would be reporting on a war in the Middle East with attacks by Jihad. God then proceeded to tell me you were both going to be used mightily by God. Armies of angels have been dispatched on your behalf. He is getting ready to release more into your lives, assistants and further provision to provide for all He calls you to do for Him.”

Kathy DeGraw, founder of DeGraw Ministries

"Troy Anderson, von Schiller. I just read your 'For Such a Time as This' (column) in the March issue of Charisma. Wow, what a heritage. Friedrich von Schiller was such a pivotal character in his generation -- interacting with Goethe and Kant and the other philosophical geniuses of his day. It is a cum laude honor that you have been anointed and appointed to spread the charismatic message in a popular format to a lost and dying world. I am very gratified that you have been brought to the executive editor's desk of Charisma 'For Such a Time as This.' Your investigative reporter's background is ideal for (stories) you must judge as worthy or irrelevant to a readership that contains God's informed movers and shakers of this generation."

Ted Beckett, chairman of the Center for Environmental Diplomacy, in remarks after reading Charisma executive editor Troy Anderson's "For Such a Time as This" column that opens with a quote from Anderson's ancestor, poet, playwright and philosopher Friedrich von Schiller. Schiller wrote the poem "Ode to Joy" that Ludwig van Beethoven set to music in the Ninth Symphony, along with the plays Don Carlos (an inspiration for George Lucas' Star Wars), Mary Stuart (the last days in the life of Mary, Queen of Scots), The Maid of Orleans (the tale of Joan of Arc) and Wilhelm Tell (the inspiration for the theme song to The Lone Ranger).

“Troy is a fine writer who obviously prides himself on smooth prose. He is reliable, professional, has creative story ideas, and does a thorough reporting job as well. I'd recommend his work to any magazine editor.”

David Patten, managing editor at Newsmax magazine

“Troy is one of the most talented, thoughtful and incredible writers I have ever worked with. He has written some very powerful pieces for major magazines and top newspapers. Troy is a fantastic human being.”

Andrew Bales, chief executive officer, Union Rescue Mission

“Troy is a consummate professional.”

Stan Guthrie, literary agent and Christianity Today editor at large

“Troy has written several thoughtful and intelligent stories about my authors. One that he did for Christianity Today online was extremely influential and garnered a lot of attention for the book, which became a best seller. He's a pro.”

Suzanne Wickham, senior director of publicity, HarperOne and HarperCollins

“I've worked with Troy on numerous assignments, and he consistently delivers high-quality, well-written work on time. Troy is an excellent interviewer, always perceptive and extremely enjoyable to work with on articles. I highly recommend him for any assignment!”

Lindy Lowry, former Outreach magazine editor

“As an editor at two different publications I worked with Troy as a freelance writer. Troy is an excellent journalist. He's fast and accurate. And he writes well. I knew he could turn in a story that I could quickly take to press.”

Rob Moll, World Vision communications officer to the president and Christianity Today editor at large

“Troy Anderson recently interviewed me for a story, and I found him to be a very engaging and thorough interviewer. He has a high level of understanding, knowing what questions need to be asked. After reading his work I also discovered him to be very fair and very thorough in his research. I highly recommend him.”

Christopher Cone, Th.D, Ph.D, president, Tyndale Theological Seminary

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